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insulin_pumps_a_new_lease_for_lifePatients want pumps, says new report

People with diabetes in Scotland want better access to a medical technology that can greatly increase their health and quality of life. Insulin pumps: a new lease for life brings together the stories of people with diabetes who have often struggled to get access to insulin pumps, which offer an alternative to multiple daily injections of insulin. Shaped like a bleeper they deliver small amounts of insulin throughout the day. 

Produced by Diabetes UK Scotland, A new lease for life calls for action across Scotland, where there is a very low level of access to pumps. Currently just over 500 people with Type 1 diabetes in Scotland are on insulin pumps compared to a possible figure of around 3000. Insulin pumps are a cost effective treatment that can help to reduce contact with primary care, reduce hospital outpatient and inpatient admissions as well as delivering a better quality of life.

Read more about Insulin Pumps - a new lease for life The new booklet by Diabetes UK Scotland can be viewed here

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