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Cellnovo pump management system

cellnovo_pump_handse99711eWe get asked a lot of questions about the Cellnovo pump which is due out later this year.  It is unsure when it will be available in Scotland, and may not be available in all health board areas.

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions;

The reservoir holds 150 units, there will be a second larger reservoir available soon holding 180 units.

There are 3 different lengths of tubing; no tubing to wear as a tubeless pump, 5cm, and 30cm allowing you to ware in a similar way to conventional pumps with tubing.

You can create up to 20 different basal profiles.

There are 4 delivery methods, immediate, extended (up to 8 hours), dual-phase (2 bolus split up to 4 hours apart) and Multi-phase (bolus and extended, up to 8 hours)

Basal increments are 0.05 units per hour to 30 units.

The option to subscribe for live updates of insulin dose and blood glucose readings.

The pump and handset use rechargeable batteries.

An app is being developed as a BG reminder alert.

For more information please visit www.cellnovo.com

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