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We don't think people with type 1 diabetes are getting a fair deal so today we're launching the 1 Campaign to raise awareness of the condition. We want to make decision makers aware of the impact type 1 has on families to improve access to treatments and ultimately secure more money for research into the cure. 

Today I'm urging families, children and adults living with type 1 diabetes to shout about the issues and challenges you face on a daily basis. Because the more people involved with the campaign, the more noise we will make. And that means those in power will be more likely to take notice. Find out more about the 1 Campaign and how you can get involved at www.jdrf1campaign.org.uk

Better access to pumps

Insulin pumps have been available for over 20 years, and it is shocking that the UK’s healthcare bodies are not supplying technology that has been proven to improve the health and quality of life of many people with type 1 diabetes. Many European countries have 15-20 per cent of people with type 1 on pumps, and in America this figure is 35 per cent.

But a recent survey conducted by the Medical Technology Group, of which JDRF is a member, found that only 3.9 per cent of people with type 1 in the UK can get insulin pumps. Where you live also has a dramatic effect on the standard of treatment you can expect. A ‘postcode lottery’ means that people in Blackburn (17 per cent) are 42 times more likely to get a pump than people in Luton (0.4 per cent).

Sadly I'm sure these figures won't come as a surprise to you, especially if you've had problems getting a pump. We need your help to lobby Government for improved access to technology.

Greater investment into research

The UK Government recently released figures to say that funding bodies Medical Research Council and National Institute of Health research committed £51 million last year to research to tackle the growing problem of diabetes. Of this only £6 million[1] was ‘applicable’ to type 1 diabetes.

It’s appalling that government funding of research to cure type 1 diabetes is so low and it appears that this chronic, life threatening condition is being overlooked because of the focus on type 2 diabetes. And the only way this will change is if everyone affected by type 1 comes together and makes a noise.

Together we can bring about change

We are lobbying for increased investment in medical research to cure, treat and prevent type 1 diabetes, and improved access to life enhancing technologies. But, we need the help of every single family living with type 1 in the UK to ensure the message gets through. Please join the 1 Campaign and tell politicians and other decision makers about what it’s like for you to live with type 1 diabetes, and how important these issues, and others, are to you. Only by increasing awareness of type 1 diabetes will we achieve significant change.

There are lots of ways you can get involved. Whether by filling out the online poll, tweeting your MP or sign up to be a case study, every action will help raise awareness of type 1. To find out more and to get involved visit www.jdrf1campaign.org.uk

Because everyone affected by type 1 diabetes deserves the chance to live a long and healthy life.

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