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March 2011

As last year’s pump statistics are reviewed on the eve of the release of the Scottish Diabetes Survey 2010 and maybe even a new government, political pressure, and pump awareness campaigns, insulin pumps have never before received the understanding they are now.  Health Boards up and down the country are committing to improve pump usage during 2011, with several boards expected to be around the 5% mark there is still a way to go to see acceptable figures even in the 4 boards leading the way.  People in Scotland, but particuarly Glasgow, Clyde, Lanarkshire and Lothian must still keep up the pressure to to see more pump provision available.  If you are unsure what to do, contact us.  

Act NOW - Anyone wishing to contact their elected representatives or MSP's regarding their case must do so before the end of the current parlimentary session on the 22nd March.  Although there are no Members once the Parliament has been dissolved on the 22nd March, MSPs can continue with casework that they began before dissolution, as it is recognised that some cases may be urgent because of the issues involved.

Members cannot, however, accept new constituency casework at this time in their capacity as an MSP. Instead, MSPs who are approached by members of the public seeking help during dissolution may choose to deal with the enquiry in their role as a candidate or prospective candidate. This means they should deal with it through their campaign office or party office, in the same way as all other prospective candidates, and they will not be able to draw on any Scottish Parliament resources to assist them.  Get information on who you should contact in your area here

We get press enquiries, should you wish to talk to the press please contact us.


For those of you getting a pump in 2011, do your homework. Through precurement there are 3 main pumps available in Scotland, however they may not all be available at every pump clinic.

The three pumps are:

Animas 2020 0800 055 6606

Medtronic Veo  01923 205167

Roche Spirit Combo 0800 701 000

Also available in the UK are the Dana R and OmniPod.

The future of pumps is exciting, in the near future will see the New Animas Vibe with the capability of integrated CGM (Dexcom) Medtronic have a new improved sensor and also a tubeless pump in the pipeline. Then of course the CellNovo pump should be out later in the year!

We would encourage everyone thinking of a pump to talk to pumpers, healthcare professionals and contact pump companies to familiarise yourself with the unique features of each pump. If you live in or around Glasgow why not come along to an informal iPAG pump social evening in Glasgow City Centre. Everyone is welcome whither you are a pumper or perspective pumper, we are all happy to chat and answer any questions you may have. Our first night is planned on 28th April at 7pm, in the Counting House.  Come along if you can, no need to let us know before hand, however it would be good to know if you plan on coming! 

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