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1 Kaleido insulin pump
2 Dexcom G5
3 CSII users face almost 50% less risk of heart disease
4 Medtronic acquire Diabeter
5 A Mile in My Shoes
6 Friends for Life Children with diabetes FFL 2015
7 FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System from Abbott
8 Bayer Contour Next Link
9 640G
10 Animas Sport Weekend 2015
11 Novo Nordisk introduces NovoRapid PumpCart insulin pump
12 Due a pump upgrade?
13 Freestyle Libre
14 MiniMed Duo Press Release
15 Medtronic eShop Launched
16 Medtronic launches the New Generation Enlite® glucose sensors
17 CellNovo Launch in selected clinics in Wales and England
18 Useful Phone Numbers
19 21.5% of under 18's now on pumps in Scotland
20 Maintenance - down time
21 Recommended Reading
22 Insulin Pumps May Be More Effective than Injections for Child Diabetics
23 CWD Friends for Life 2012 - another year over
24 Cabinet changes announced
25 T:Slim now available in the United States
26 New pump statistics from the Scottish Diabetes Survey 2011
27 City misses out on key diabetes treatment
28 iPAG Position Statement
29 Fiona's still waiting months after insulin pump pledge
30 JDRF Announces Research Collaboration with Dexcom, Inc. to Develop "Smart Transmitter" Technology
31 £1.5 million on top of £1 million announced for 480 pumps for under 18's
32 More news to follow
33 Cellnovo Launches World First Mobile-Connected Diabetes Management System
34 We need your help NOW please
35 Israeli Made Insulin Pump Wows EU
36 Congratulations John Davis MBE
37 *** NEWS ***
38 Pump Petition - Please sign, we need your support
39 GGC Annual Performance review
40 Cellnovo Receives '11 European Technology Innovation Award in Diabetes Care
41 Cellnovo Receives CE Mark Approval for World's First Mobile Diabetes Management System
42 Cellnovo integrates LifeScan technology for mobile diabetes management
43 Yousaf leads cross party call for greater insulin pump availability in Glasgow
44 MSP urges action over insulin pump therapy
45 Thank you Eilidh
46 High-tech boost for children with type 1 diabetes
47 Diabetes Mine Report - DADA Device Report: New ‘Jewel Pump’ is Best in Show
48 Pumps per Health Board - Lastest figures from Scottish Diabetes Survey 2010
49 First CGM-enabled, waterproof insulin pump system now approved in Europe
50 Diabetes charity up in arms over pump threat
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