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A continuous blood glucose monitor (CGM) determines blood glucose levels on a continuous basis (every few minutes). A typical system consists of:

  • a disposable glucose sensor placed just under the skin, which is worn for a number of days until replacement (5+ days depending on brand) 
  • a transmitter which communicates to a receiver, placed on top of the sensor
  • a receiver that displays blood glucose levels with nearly continuous updates, as well as monitors rising and falling trends, this can be intergrated in the pump or a separate device. 

Continuous blood glucose monitors measure the glucose level of interstitial fluid.

It does NOT replace the finger pricks but it can help reduce them.  

Start up costs are expensive, but cheaper if you have a compatible pump, Veo or 640G for the Enlite sensors or the Animas Vibe for the Dexcom.  Without a compatible pump you have to also purchase a receiver.  Ongoing costs are sensors.  (replacement transmitters and receivers after warranty runs out) 

There are varios different systems on the market, below shows what is available in the UK.

Review of the Navigator

Continuous Glucose Monitoring School - ideal to see what a sensor can and can't do.

Continuous Glucose Monitors available in the UK



The Animas® Vibe™ with Dexcom G4 platinum™ Sensor

Intergrated with the Vibe

Dexcom G4


Dexcom G4

Standalone CGM

For more information contact Advanced Therapeutics (UK) Ltd

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Tel:01926 833273 



Abbott FreeStyle Navigator

Stand alone CGM

Read a parents review



Medtronic MiniLink™ Transmitter

minilinkenliteMedtronic Enlite Sensor

integrated with Medtronic pumps including the Veo and 640G insulin pumps


Medtronic Guardian Real time - Stand alone CGM

Medtronic iPro 2 - For use with Medical professionals

Please see here and the following posts on INPUT for more information

 CGM - comparisons Enight v's Dexcom

Guy VANSTRAELEN PhD - Guy's Enlite v's Dexcom Report

Sheila's Report - between February 2012 and September 2013

No longer available: 


Dexcom Seven+Plus - Stand alone CGM


sof-sensor_2Medtronic Sof Sensor - standalone and integrated with Medtronic pumps including the Veo insulin pump


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